Apr. 29th, 2004

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Sorry for the lack of posting. I've sort of been busy and lazy... ^^U I guess a few interesting things have happened though since my last update.

Believe it or not, I've finally told Shawna about my sexual preferences. Hurrah? She actually took it rather well, other than she said "I never could have seen that coming." I'm just full of surprises I guess... But I'm glad she didn't ^_^ Haven't gotten a chance to really talk with her about it yet. She did tell me this interesting story about her and Judith though. (not in that way you pervs >.>) Anyways, Shawna said that one time she was talking about homosexuality with Judith and Judith has this weird theory that there are a LOT of gays in France (I wonder where her sanity has gone...) and she's also homophobic (even more so than Jeff? *gasp*). So Shawna said "So if I was gay, what would you do?" And Judith says she'd send Shawna to France... oh my. Doesn't leave much promise for me, eh?

Anywho, now for something completely different. Today in math was interesting... Basically, Tyson ate chalk. The teacher was sort of surprised and horrified. I haven't laughed that hard in a while... not since the Tala's butt incident.

Which brings me to that. I was watching Beyblade with my sisters one night. IT was the one with the Beybattle between Tala and Tyson. In a previous scene we were shwon that Tala was transformed into a cyborg. So Kenny was scanning Tala's Brain waves and says "Tala's brain waves are all messed up." And Max says "Tyson, watch your back!" and almost at the same time I yell "Tyson, watch your butt!". So my sister mishears me and thinks I said "Tala's butt's messed up." ^^U

Um... right. I think I should maybe work now.

Yes, my Auntie's wedding is on Saturday, so I probably won't be online at all this weekend. ^^U

Urgh... suddenly I feel like falling asleep on my keyboard. Should go sleep or something...


"You want to know my weakness? Of course it is..." -Hanajima Saki (Fruits Basket)


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