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I stoled stuff from onee-chan [ profile] yaoi_is_my_god

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As of April 27 This journal is friends only. If you feel that I should add you to my friends then leave a comment on this post.

And no, that is not a stolen fanart. It's a screenshot from Silver Chaos.

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Aaa... sunburn. x_X I was out golfing thismorning on a course (par 3). First time I was out on a course. And I didn't wear sunblock. Owwwwwww... Well, I'll feel the damage tomorrow when my skin starts peeling. x_x Hmm, my game was... alright. I think I got 3 on one hole... well 4 because I lost my ball in the bush. I only lost one ball though. And we found about five. My sister had to hit over this little ditch that was about half a metre wide and had water at the bottom. She was like a metre from the ditch and she hit it in the water. XD

Arg, tis thunder storming now... technically I should have my computer turned off... Bah, who cares about power surges? >.>;;

Actually, right now I should be out renewing my driver's lisence... >.>;; dad's addicted to the computer though. Playing some Eidos game. I think it called Eden. The sound effects remind me of the Matrix and the Alien movies. O.o;; Kinda creeping me out.

Ooo, very amusing yet disturbing story. Don't read if you want to be able to use a straw again. Instead of retyping it, I'll just post in an IM convo I had with porkchop last night about it.

animeandraia: oh god, I just had a very disturbing conversation about straws when I was Judith and Shawna in Burger King tonight
animeandraia: how pulling a straw in and out of the hole in the lid of the cup is like sex...
assylum_escapee626: o_O;;;
animeandraia: and now sucking on a straw was like...
assylum_escapee626: oh my god~
animeandraia: and then you take the straw out of the cup and it drips
animeandraia: I may never be able to use a straw again
assylum_escapee626: oh that's gross!
assylum_escapee626: me neither
animeandraia: lmao
assylum_escapee626: lmao?
animeandraia: just thinking back to it all
animeandraia: its ok though, I can't eat bananas now either
assylum_escapee626: I never liked those
animeandraia: after all the perverted discussions Shawna and Judith have had about those I can't look at them the same
animeandraia: then again, I can't look at apples and oranges the same either
assylum_escapee626: yes
assylum_escapee626: you know what?
animeandraia (10:55:18 PM): what?
assylum_escapee626: I think they ish horny *nods*
animeandraia: they have serious problems, yes

Ahh, the apple and orange thing goes back to grade nine where Danielle had them having... intercourse... my friends are all perverted. -_-*

And on another note, if you're ever talking to me and you say "straw" then I start laughing, don't worry. I was doing that last night. Every time porkchop said "straw" I burst into a fit of laughter. -_- twas very cruel...


"I invented possible" -Kai from Beyblade.

What you didn't know about your friends.
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Hmm, I thought it was high time to update this sucker. I go through phases of obsessive blogging, then I go a copule months with postling like twice. I'm in the latter currently. Sort of like my fic reading habits. I've been reading a lot more fics lately...

Which brings me to something important. My Yu-Gi-Oh obsession has pretty much died. I'll still finish off Kiss the Inu and Under Your Spell, but I'm not starting any new projects. No, now I'm focusing on Beyblade. XD Currently reading a Kai/Rei/Lee fic. Mmm, very well written too. Err... that's beside the point. I still love Yu-Gi-Oh, its what brought me back into the world of anime, but I'm no longer obsessed.

Anywho, I actually updated Kiss the Inu. So go read Chapter 5: All the Marbles on ff.n and on AFF. I hope Sakata will be amused to see that I used one of her suggestions. And I've hit 50 reviews. XD Though a lot of them are unintelligible babble. ~_~ whatever happened to putting usefull comments in a review? I threatened my reviewers to Several Blows to the Head and minus one review for Chapter 3, they were all really good and helpful. ^^ *sigh* it was so wonderful...

Oh yes, I saw Harry Potter a couple weeks back. Not what I was expecting. I really hope they get a different director for the next movie. This one did sooooo many strange things. What the hell happened to wearing school robes. And what was up with Lupin? That was NOT how I pictured him. Though Sirius was pretty close. And another thing, what was up with Hermione's pink bunny hug (aka, Kangaroo jacket, hoodie, sweater with hood...)? By the way, what do you guys call those hodded sweaters? I called it a bunny hug while talking to porkchop and she was like "what the hell are you talking about?" Then again... I'm not sure if I even want to know what you Americans think. No offense, but you don't even know what a toque is. O.o

Starting on the 12th, and going for 2 weeks I'll have drama camp from Monday-Firiday 9 am to 4 pm. So that'll cut down on my computer time a lot. Don't expect a lot of updates from me durring that week. I'm going to try to get some fics up on my birthday though. ^_^ Which is July 19 by the way. *hint, hint. Nudge, nudge*

And on a final note, my scanner's still out for the count. x_X that means I won't have art up for a while yet... I'm trying my hand at drawing solely with a mouse in Photohsop. Let me say, its a very interesting experience. And that Kai's hair is a real pain in the arse. Actually, drawing any hair in photoshp is a pain in the arse... Stupid hair. *headdesk*



What's your sexual appeal?
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Haha... that part about attracting both sexes is very true... Oh, another amusing story. I shared pictures with an online male friend last night. He said "You're beautiful, gorgeous. Like a rose. Beautiful, yet deadly." I also threatened him... "If you come onto me, I'll be foreced to hurt you."
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Well, I recovered from that emotional breakdown (go see previous post).

Anywho, I'm now done school! Hurrah! Though I got my report card yesterday... I got a 64% on my math final... x_X that dropped my mark to a 71% Bloody hell. Though my other marks were ok. drama: 83; chemistry: 81; english:81 and history: 81. Not my best, but not my worst either.

Today was an interesting day. It was my friend's birthday so we went down to this beach. The way there was probably the most interesting. First, I was supposed to be picked up around 1:00 but my freind didn't show up until 1:20. Then we picked up Shawna with no problem. We had to go get gas next. That did not go well at all. Tracy kept saying we should go to the Macs but the driver, Simone, got stuck in the parking lot so we wound up going to a Fas Gas. Then when we were driving by the Western Development Museum Simone swerved to miss a golpher. -_- bloody hell, you don't swerve to miss a golpher! If there had been a car there we would have nailed them so bad. So we wound up getting to the beach at 2:05. Then when we were there we just had a good time. Somebody lost Tracy's new frisbee that she got from Krystin earlier that morning.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. XD Can't wait. Wanted to see it for a while. But there are other movies I'm waiting to see more. Like Spiderman 2! Comes out on the 30th! Come on! Doc Oc! Though I never liked him as much as Venom... though I heard a rumour that they're not going to use Venom in any of the movies. Drat. Maybe Mainframe will put him in the animated series. Ooo, I bet this means that next fall there will be another season of the cartoon.

Ooo! I was just on Mainframe's website and they're doing a new animated Inspector Gadget show! Nice ^_^ Though that's not nearly as exciting as a new ReBoot season. >.> more ReBoot would be amazing. ;-; was a horrible place to leave things.

Arg, I forced some people on Ty Kamara to read my KaiRei fic and now they're making me read a TyKa fic. x_X TyKa's a fine and dandy pairing, but I think of it like Seto/Yanie. I don't hate the pairing, but I don't really read it either. I should learn to not say things. -_-


Seto and Jounouchi
Puppyshipping -
Congratulations, you're the pair
that's got more in common than you think. No,
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but so is the action in the bedroom.

Which Yugioh Yaoi Ship are You
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^_^ my second fav YGO pairing. Seto/Ryuji being the first. This quiz was done by [ profile] sakata
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Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator

*blinks at "easy"* oh my... >.> it could be true though. 5 stalkers (so far) at school, and 3 onine. Sorta. They're not stalkers, just peeps that hit on me. Agh...

I think it has something to do with my name. My real one, not Taryn. For those that don't know, Taryn is an adopted name. I don't care much for my real one, for... many reasons. For those of you that don't know, it's Stacey. One of the resons I dislike it is because every time there's a Stacey (also spelled: Stacy, Stacie, Staci, Stacee), she's a) a bitch b) a slut c) a ditz or d) a combination of the prior. Plus nobody can get my name right Always think its Tracy or Stefanie. Or for some reason Lindsay, though I haven't quite figured that one out.

Oh well... I'll stop complaining now...

Joined another forum Ty Kamara its a Beyblade forum. ^^ very nice atmosphere so far.

Get my Gravitation vol 6 and Fruits Basket vol 3 tomorrow! Yay! Not to mention July issue of Shonen Jump. ^^

And that's all I have to say. Sort of falling asleep on my keyboard...

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My history teacher is a psycho. @_@ We had an OPEN BOOK exam on Friday. We have a one hour class period and he allowed us an extra 10 minutes. Most normal people couldn't ifnish it in that time period. THe fillin the blank questions were so strange. Many of them were about things that occupied about a line in the text book. The matching made absolutely no sense. There were about 6 of them that made sence then the other 18 were utter gibberish. The essay question was rather easy though. I wrote it in 5 minutes and probably did the best on it. -_- Apparently the teahcer phoned Jeff to tell him he had recieved a good mark. Ever since he told me that I've been paranoid every time the phone rings that it will be my teacher telling me I failed. @_@

On Wednesday I presented my one act in drama. It went fairly well. Everyone's cues were really good and pronounciation was awesome. Only problem was tha tone of our actors didn't show up. >.> we cut a sceen and our director read some of his lines from the sound booth.

And I really hate mayonaise. >.> its like fat in condoment form. It has no appealing flavour to me. I hate it when restraunts put it on bufgers automatically. *twitches*

I think that's all I had to rant somewhat about... in a real blah mood. Shall go choppy things to itty bitty pieces in Diablo II. ^_^

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My dice earrings are sending subliminal messages to my brain... I keep flipping my hair like Ryuji subconsciously. Its scary... next I'll be wearing a headband and will be attracted to shiny gold armbands...

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

Or delusional.

Anywho, tomorrow I get to skip school. Hurrah! Though tomorrow is only a half day. Now, let me explain. Tomorrow is grad, so my french teacher wanted peole to help her decorate the Centenial Auditorium for grad. Naturally, I jumped at a chance to skip school. (hey, over three years I've missed a grand total of three days...) Basically, my friend Sarah's picking me up at 8:30 am tomorrow, we go down and decorate for a couple hours then we get to shop until 2:00 at which we have to be back at the Centenial. She then plays in the band and I hand out programmes. So it shall be a great day. Providing it doesn't snow on us.

weirdest thing happened in drama today. Mike was goofing off by moving in slow motion. So I was tlalking to Stef and Julia when all of a suden Julia squeeks "Taryn!" (well, she used my real name... but many of you don't know that) and Mike comes from behind and hugs me. I was like "O.o nice to see you too?" It was just a fun class though... the goofiness all started when Matt came out of the prop room wearing glasses and holding a toy ukilele. He then began to sing to Cassi. Evan stole the toy ukilele and began to pretend he was a rock star. Cassi threw a ball it his crotch then and that sort of ended the guitar playing career momentarily. Then Matt found another toy ukilele and him and Evan did a duet... sort of... at that point Mike was moving in slow motion and chasing Cassi and Julia around the room. Shortly after was the hugging incident. We all practically wet ourselves laughing...

Well, I started watching another new anime, Noir. Its incredibly good so far and the music is amazing. I definitely have to get the soundtrack to it.

Has anyone seen the anime I My Me! Strawberry Eggs? Is it good? What's the rating (ie PG, PG-13)? I want to know if my sisters could watch it. Same with Vampire Princess Myu.

And a final note: why the hell do people spell "tonne" "ton" it just looks... wrong the second way. You Americans confuse me to no end...


Stolen from [ profile] mystike

1.)Copy and paste this into your journal:
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Haha... I have no uploading priviledges on ff.n until the 18th. I had a fic removed focibly. (Anger Management if anyone cares). So that pretty much delays any updates I may have in the next week. T_T Oh well. I might actually have Kiss the Inu up soonish. I'm working on it right now actually. I'm so evil to my characters... I sort of feel bad. O.o;;

In better news, got back my math unit 4 exam the other day 76% not stellar, but better than the 50-something I predicted. @_@ Got an %81 on my most recent quiz, so my mark is improving hopefully. ^^

Got addicted to another computer game. Its called "Sacred" sort of a Diablo type game. Not bad either. ^^ I'm playing as a vampire which is amusing to no end. She's a strong fighter with weapons and can transform into her vampire form and atack with claws.

In exciting news, Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs (Season 4 of ReBoot) were released on DVD last week. ^__^ My dad bought them right away! I still have my tapes from the first showing though. I don't think I can get rid of them though, they're too precious. Come on, original premier of ReBoot season 4 on YTV. Nothing has been or ever will be as exciting as that! (well, unless season 5 comes out ^_^)

And more exciting, I have golf lessons now on Friday. ^_^ I started learning a little last year, but didn't really have much formal teaching. So this will be itneresting. I need to work out a scoring system (for things I hit with a ball) with Y-n-Y (yes, the ff.n authoress). We had an informal one last year.


You're Element is Night. You're a loner who is very
creative but never show your work to anyone.
You may smile a little but sadness or
loneliness surround you and other can feel it
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Mawhawhaw! I have actually updated a fic? And a Yu-Gi-Oh one to boot! *Grins like a baka* Chapter four to Kiss the Inu is now up on FF.N here and on AFF here So go review please!

summary: Jounouchi Katsuya is having one of the worst weeks of his life. That is until he learns an interesting secret about two of his greatest rivals. Yaoi: Seto/Jounouchi, Ryuji/Jounouchi and some Seto/Ryuji

In other sem-important news: I now own Ryuji earrings! ^_^ I practically died when I saw them in Claires Saturday. They're dice on a small chain attatched to a Shepard's hook backing. And they're not terribly heavy either. Hurrah!

Yes, behold the dorkishness.

And finally, new icon. ^_^ Its the same image as my old DeviantArt icon. Which reminds me, would anyone have the time to give me a quick crash course in using Adobe ImageReady? I really have no clue what to do... eh he heh...

Thingee put in cut because it stretched the page. -.-
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Yoinked from [ profile] aumoe

1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4.
-- "Hello... it's me. Georgia. Remember me?" - "Dancing in my Nuddy Pants" by Louise Rennison

2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
-- papers

3: What is the last thing you watched on TV?
-- Beyblade

4: WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:
-- 11:27 pm

5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
-- 11:28 pm O.o

6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
-- the fridge humming...

7: When did you last step outside?
-- When I went to the library

8: Before you came to this, what did you look at?
-- FAKE vol 7, such lovely sex scenes...

9: What are you wearing?
-- jamjams... my pants are purple and have monkeys on them. ^^

10: Did you dream last night?
-- yea... don't remember what about though

11: When did you last laugh?
-- when I was recalling how Shawna thinks I read porn books... She happened to see part of FAKE 7... the sex part. -_-

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?
-- pictures, bookshelves, YGO posters (3 posters! XD) and YGO calendar.

13: Seen anything weird lately?
-- always... my sister had a hat made out of boxes. Like cereal boxes and fruit roll ups... and she had a necktie made of beeds.

14: What do you think of this quiz?
-- Tis a quiz... hey, that rhymed. ^_^

15: What is the last film you saw?
-- I saw a couple scenes from Back to the Future today...

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
-- manga and anime (I'm such a loser >.>)

17: Tell me something about you that I don't know:
-- I have unnatural fears of birds, goldfish, and pickled herring.

18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
-- stop prejudice towards gays...

19: Do you like to dance?
-- only if you pay me...

20: George Bush:
-- is American, which I am not.

21: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
-- so many names to chose from... maybe Faye or something uncommon.

21: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
-- want to say Aubrey... had an obsession with that name for years.

22: Would you ever consider living abroad?
-- sort of... probably won't


"They're burning my farm!" -peon (War Craft II)
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I have a history essay due tomorrow.

short about 300 words and 8 quotes

printer won't work

need another resource

I'm screwed

*nose bleeds from stress and she dies in a pool of blood on the carpet*


But YBF (frind off tvtome) wanted to beat me with a soppon so he could get my issue of FAKE vol 7 o.x

Urgh... I think that's all I have to say. I'll do a proper update (that tells of the wedding!) in the next couple days.


(today after math. Essay is due tomorrow)
Darnell: so how much of your essay do you have left to write.
Me: I only need a few hundred more words and 11 more quotes
Darnell: that's nice, I need to finish my research.
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Sorry for the lack of posting. I've sort of been busy and lazy... ^^U I guess a few interesting things have happened though since my last update.

Believe it or not, I've finally told Shawna about my sexual preferences. Hurrah? She actually took it rather well, other than she said "I never could have seen that coming." I'm just full of surprises I guess... But I'm glad she didn't ^_^ Haven't gotten a chance to really talk with her about it yet. She did tell me this interesting story about her and Judith though. (not in that way you pervs >.>) Anyways, Shawna said that one time she was talking about homosexuality with Judith and Judith has this weird theory that there are a LOT of gays in France (I wonder where her sanity has gone...) and she's also homophobic (even more so than Jeff? *gasp*). So Shawna said "So if I was gay, what would you do?" And Judith says she'd send Shawna to France... oh my. Doesn't leave much promise for me, eh?

Anywho, now for something completely different. Today in math was interesting... Basically, Tyson ate chalk. The teacher was sort of surprised and horrified. I haven't laughed that hard in a while... not since the Tala's butt incident.

Which brings me to that. I was watching Beyblade with my sisters one night. IT was the one with the Beybattle between Tala and Tyson. In a previous scene we were shwon that Tala was transformed into a cyborg. So Kenny was scanning Tala's Brain waves and says "Tala's brain waves are all messed up." And Max says "Tyson, watch your back!" and almost at the same time I yell "Tyson, watch your butt!". So my sister mishears me and thinks I said "Tala's butt's messed up." ^^U

Um... right. I think I should maybe work now.

Yes, my Auntie's wedding is on Saturday, so I probably won't be online at all this weekend. ^^U

Urgh... suddenly I feel like falling asleep on my keyboard. Should go sleep or something...


"You want to know my weakness? Of course it is..." -Hanajima Saki (Fruits Basket)
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Well, feeling less sick today. ^_^ But I did burn my finger on a hot penny. This needs a bit of explaining methinks... So in chemistry we were doing a "fun" experiment in which we made pennies look gold. First you soaked the pennies in a solution of heated Zinc and something or other, then you let them dry then you heated them over a Bunsen Burner. I set the penny down to cool when I was done, and thought it was cool but it wasn't. Henc the searing pain on my right index finger and thumb.

Anywho, other than that the day wasn't too terribly exciting.

One thing I have noticed though... I've been duelling awefully for the last couple weeks. ;-; It's so depressing... my little sister beat me a couple times the last time we dueled. I used to beat her in like no time flat.

Argh... was actually going to work at some of the art pieces I owe people, but holding a pen/pencil hurts too much. x_x

Anywho, couple memes. Enjoy?

Name Meme: (since I'm a sheep and it's fun...)

If you call me Taryn, you know me online
If you call me AndrAIa, you know me from tvtome
If you call me An, you're Tealbox from tvtome
If you call me Stefanie, you're my biology teacher, or seventh grade french teacher
If you call me Lindsay, you're obviously mistaken
If you call me Stacey, you know me too well
If you call me Peanut or Little Miss Muffet, you're my grandma or my aunt Donna
If you call me Tracey, you're 50% of the people I know
If you call me Mr. Magoo, you're my aunt Donna
If you call me Smurfette, you're Starkiss
If you call me babe, you're [ profile] dm_san
If you call me Eldarwen, you know me by my old name on Xanga
If you call me Kiddo, you're my online onee-chan Chris.
If you call me Andralla, Andra, Andraai, you're from tvtome.

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Pooey... this week's sort of sucked so far. ~_~ I've been semi-sick since Sunday night. Small bouts of random nausia, slight headache. Feel hot. BUt I don't have a feaver. O.o

Thankfully though, I haven't had much homework yet this week. ^_^ And My test that was supposed to be Friday got bumped to Tuesday.

Eh... what else to I have to say? *blinks* I dun remember anymore.

*shrugs* I did upload a Beyblade fic the other day. Kai/Rei. ^__^ I dunno, why but I recently got hooked on Beyblade. It's on ff.n and deviantart... meh, you know my screen names on both are animeandraia. Find it yerself. I'm too lazy to link on my own. ^^U

So bask in the quiziness? Because that's what my sick mind can tolerate at the moment. ... Sick as in ill as in "going to pass out now" sick. Yeesh. Perverts. :P

KAI: You say antisocital like it's a bad thing.
Kai is your Bladebreaker brethren.
With your quality leadership skills, you own, you
know it, and you certainly show it with many a
rude and sour comment toward your peers. When
you aren't spouting insults or orders, you are
eerily quiet. You tend to let yourself get
pulled into things you'd rather not be involved
with and don't really stand up for yourself.
You place alot of importance on family and show
great determination as you struggle not to
disappoint or let anyone get close to you.
Despite all this, a few see through your cold
act and look up to you as a role-model. You're
in the race with Ray for the most fan shrines.

Beyblade Personality Quiz: Which Bladebreaker are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

*cough* though what I want more of is fanshrines of Kai/Rei! ;-;

What DragonBall Girl Are You? What Berserk Character Are You

Oooo I love Caska. ^_^ My favourite character. ^__^

The crazy girl in the shadows.

Find out what anime girl you are.

Right other than the Saki and hangover thing... o.O


Find out what anime character cliche you are.

Isn't magic great!?

Find out what anime villan you are.

Aww... but I wanna be evil ;-;

Find out what anime series you belong in.

Super Jump
What's Your Anime Power?

I dunno what it says about me... but it was fun...

Take the Anime soundtrack Quiz

I've come to take you.
What character from a creepy anime are you?

What Creepy Anime or Supernatural Anime Being Are You?


"cats go moo"
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Konnichi wa! How is everyone?

Meh, not much has happened with me. Mostly homework. >.>

Did go to my aunt's wedding shower today though. Was... interesting. It was at my great Aunt's house (yes, the crazy one that gives me socks for Haloween). And the basement was so cold and dark. O.o like the lair of some sinister being... Anywho, I had a lot of cake and nothing really interesting (or tragic) happened.

I was asked to do the Bridal speach at the wedding though. O.o I'm supposed to ask my mum and uncle for help. I'm going to try to embarass her so bad. ~_~ She always tells stories about what I said when I was little... Yeah, those embarrasing stories that you never want anyone to hear. *sigh*

On another note, I finally got my ID for DeviantArt done. ^-^ I'm not a Smurf It's an interesting story behind the title... Yes, I am also aware that there are many errors with it. But I really don't care.

*pokes* [ profile] dm_san she won my 500 hit on DA, but won't tell me what she wants. x_x


Well, I watched a couple movies in the last two days. Secondhand Lions and Lost in Translation I liked Secondhand Lions better. ^^ It was cute and very funny. I loved the uncles. Especially when they shot at the sales people. Lost In Translation was alright too. I loved when he was on the Japanese tv show the best. ^_^ The host guy was hillariuos! Of course, I couldn't understand any of the Japanese in the movie (besides a couple words). But overall, they were both not bad movies.

Well... maybe I should finish up some more homework and then go to bed. So tired... x_x I feel like I've gotten no sleep this whole weekend. Its not fair. ;-;


You are Kusakabe Marron | Kaito Jeanne

You are generous and talented, though often widthdrawn. You tend to have just a few close friends, rather than many. You appear very cheerful and enthusiastic, but struggle to keep up with what others expect of you. In the end, your perseverance and sacrifices help you pull through.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz

Green Dragon
You are a green dragon. YOu dwell in the forest and
you love peace. You don't often bother yourself
with human affairs but you love to help when

Which Dragon resides in your soul? (cool pictures!)
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Had a good week... Went to the Brier (Canadian men's curling championships) on Saturday to work, and stayed there for 15 hours. @_@

Was at the Brier on Wednesday, Thursday and today. ^_^

Wednesday just watched the game.

Thursday got to walk around with Brier Bear (the mascot) so if you saw a brown haired girl wearing a navy buny hug following around Brier Bear on the evening draw on Thursday, that was me. ^_^

Today I was selling programmes. And yelling loud enough to rival Russ Howard. Russ is the skip for New Brunswick that's famous for yelling himself hoarse by the end of the game. ^^

And tomorrow I'm going to be at the finals. Alberta vs New Brunswick. ^_^ Cheering for Alberta. ^^;;

Anywho, onto non curling stuff. I'm workingon an ID for DA... won't say much, but it's an elf. Chris, I got a vague outline to your pic... x_x not working too well though. But I will get it done!

Read vol 1 of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It's pretty good so far. ^_^ Must find vol 2... found 'em at the library. ^_^

I changed the pic and colour on the side bar a couple days ago... methinks it looks better, ne? ^_^ Such a pretty Fruits Basket pic...

And on a final note, pocky is really really good. ^__^ I tried some tonight... forced my mum to buy some at London Drugs. ^^U *drool* must go steal more pockey from the box in the kitchen.

*slinks off*


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Whee! 2003 hits on Xanga! ^__^ hotaruchan got it. She just told me to "surprise her" so I have no clue what I'm going to do -_-* (for those of you that don't know, I have a counter on my Xanga blog, and I'm giving a gift art to whoever got 2000)

Anywho, now onto what I've been thinking about the whole day. In first period we were informed that a girl in my grade died on Sunday. I didn't know her well... I didn't even like her much. She wasn't what you'd call a model student. She skipped classes and her friends were... not the most respectable of people. The rumour is she cut herself... it doesn't surprise me really.

I didn't relly know her, but it still makes me sad to know she's gone. Especially if she did kill herself. No one should be so depressed they resort to something like that. I saw some of her friends today in tears... and I found myself looking over at her desk in chemistry today. I was thinking of how she'll never be at school again, never skip out on class or anything. And, you know, had this not happened, I'd probably never give a second thought about her.

*sigh* there's really no use dwelling on it, in a couple of weeks I'll have forgotten about this. It sounds harsh, but it's true. I didn't really know her...

Anywho... I strangely find myself looking at Beyblade fanart. O.o this is too weird...

Had another interesting dream the other day... All I can really remember though was someone saying that there could be an earthquake and then I was like "we don't have to worry about that. The secret labratory that I built under this house will protect the building from collapsing." So everyone gives me this unbelieving look so I took them to see my labratory... I push a button on the banister railing on the staircase and a computerized voice asks for the password (which is "guardian" naturally) then this secret elevator pops out of the floor.... there was also something in there about Seto and Jounouchi having to share a bed and there being a Blue Eyes White Dragon Pillow and a Flame Swordsman pillow. O.o;;;;

Yeah... nice weird dream eh?


"It seems that everybody stakes their lives on a lost cause. Looking over them all from up here, I almost think I can see their little hopes and dreams flickering in each light" -Guts (Berserk)

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Whoo! Go antisocial me >.>

Good Day

Feb. 24th, 2004 12:06 am
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Anywho, I had a good week off last week... didn't really do much, but that's the beauty of it. ^__^

Today was a good day though. Started off I was in the school library and I happened to come accross a manga. o.o;; it was the first vol of MARS It was really good. ^__^ The librarian apparently noticed that manga were becoming increasingly popular so she decided to buy some. ^____^

Anywho, nothing really interesting happened until lunch. So I was sitting and talking with Shawna Jeff and Alyssa.




THat's how we were sitting at the table. (S= Shawna, J=Jeff, A=Alyssa and T=me). So Suddenly Jeff starts leaning really close to shawna. His arm is practically touching hers. I'm sitting there trying NOT to laugh, then Shawna turns to Jeff ans says "Could you please not lean on me? I'd like some space you know." So he moves over a bit... then a few minutes later he starts leaning towards her again. She just looked so surprised... and maybe a teensy bit horrified. XDDDD

And I have a couple stories from Shawna that she heard from Simone... first one was that Jeff doesn't like me and instead likes some other girl, but she can't remember who it was. (YAY!). And the second was that this guy Kelly (my sort of friend Danielle's twin brother) is gay. o.o;; apparently he sent Simone an e-mail telling her how he likes this guy and wants to get him in bed. And then Shawna pointed out that Kelly and Shane (Shane is a guy we've suspected isn't straight for a LONG time) are always together. *sigh* I REALLY need a yaoi fan friend at school ;-; I feel all lonely with my ecchi yaoi thoughts...

Anywho, 4th and 5th weren't that exciting. So when I gto home, since it was really nice out, I forced my sisters into making a snowman with me. ^_^ That was fun. My pants were soaked to the knees and I could wring water out of my socks. XD

After that I just watched tv... saw the end of the Saskatchewan vs Ontario match at the Scott Tournament of Hearts (Canadian women's national tournament). ^_^ Saskatchewan won 8-4! The last end was fricken awesome! Ontario missed a double and Sakatchewan stole 2 points. ^_^

So that was my day pretty much... ^^

I also have to tell you about this strange dream I had the other day... it started offf that I was on the second story of a mall and I'm walking along and then a gang of guys (about 5 of them) start making cat calls at me while I'm headed towards the escalator. Then Yuugi (from Yu-Gi-Oh) comes up behind me. I reach for his arm to stop him from dealing with the morons, but I miss and acidentally grope his butt. o.o;; Not that I've ever felt a guy's butt, but damn did it feel feminine to me. Anywho, Yuugi goes up to the goons, one of which was eating a hamburger. He takes the hamburger and drops it over the railing and it falls to the first story. Then he grabs me by the arm and starts dragging me down the mall. Out of the blue he starts talking about green houses and aviaries, then I call him my Jedi Master. At that point I woke up... o.o;;;;

Yes... I have VERY weird dreams.

Well, tis late now, so I shall go off. But have good days everyone. ^__^


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Helooooo! ^_^ Ok, tad hyper no da. As you can see, new icon. It's 'Gure! *glomps Shigure* C'mon, who doesn't love his pervyness? *sings* "high school girls, high school girls, all for me high school girls" ^__^

I put up one of my poems on Deviantart Proudly Be an Otaku so go check it out no da. It's about being an anime fan no da.

Note to self: quit saying "no da" no da

Mawhaw, I finally watched all of Fushigi Yuugi. *bawls* it was so tear-jerking in the end no da. Still have to see OAVs though... spoilers for if you haven't seen the (whole) show When Nuriko showed up and saved Miaka I was practically bawling my eyes out. I was so happy to see her again! (yes... I consider Nurko a her. ^__^ He just looks too good in a dress :P) Too bad Amiboshi didn't get to show up one last time. ;-; He was cool too. I sort of did feel sorry for Nakago though in the end. I was glad he was gone, but I feel sorry for him, for how he suffered. He was such a cute kid too. ;-;

I loved that line though where everyone was saying goodbye to Miaka and Taski was like "I won't say I don't like girls anymore *scary face* I'll just say that I don't like the people that I don't like! *deranged laughter*" end spoilers

Meh, feel too lazy to do any work.

Some stuff I found on [ profile] dm_san *glomps her* fwee, fun to glomp ^__^

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More of a water gal, but w/e ^_^

And just some other useless junk...

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AMEN! ^__^ I love mooing at people... :P

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Now... that is scary O.o

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have this sense of deja vu... *shrugs*

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XD lmao YAY ^__^ Simon liked me.

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*stares oddly*

Ok... now that I've prooved that I have no life, I'll find something destructive to do ^__^

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