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Mawhawhaw! I have actually updated a fic? And a Yu-Gi-Oh one to boot! *Grins like a baka* Chapter four to Kiss the Inu is now up on FF.N here and on AFF here So go review please!

summary: Jounouchi Katsuya is having one of the worst weeks of his life. That is until he learns an interesting secret about two of his greatest rivals. Yaoi: Seto/Jounouchi, Ryuji/Jounouchi and some Seto/Ryuji

In other sem-important news: I now own Ryuji earrings! ^_^ I practically died when I saw them in Claires Saturday. They're dice on a small chain attatched to a Shepard's hook backing. And they're not terribly heavy either. Hurrah!

Yes, behold the dorkishness.

And finally, new icon. ^_^ Its the same image as my old DeviantArt icon. Which reminds me, would anyone have the time to give me a quick crash course in using Adobe ImageReady? I really have no clue what to do... eh he heh...

Thingee put in cut because it stretched the page. -.-
You're Yami Bakura!

You're Yami Bakura! You were a rotten thief that got sucked into the Millenium Ring ages ago. Fangirls call you Bathead. When not busy trying to kill the people around you or lying comatose, you can often be found lurking at the fringes of the Yuugi-tachi and looking dodgy. You sporked Pegasus' Millenium Eye out. Than licked it.

Take the Test! || The M!Toaster

What do you dream about?
Zodiac Sign:
Fav. Color Combo:
Your dreams generally include: Realistic conversations and other interactions
Approximate number of monthly nightmares: 139
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Your dreams are usually full of sound but lacking in color
Percentage of dreams involving sex - 60%
Will your dreams ever come true? (8) - Very doubtful. - (8)
This QuickKwiz by cutelilangelx - Taken 53378 Times.
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