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My history teacher is a psycho. @_@ We had an OPEN BOOK exam on Friday. We have a one hour class period and he allowed us an extra 10 minutes. Most normal people couldn't ifnish it in that time period. THe fillin the blank questions were so strange. Many of them were about things that occupied about a line in the text book. The matching made absolutely no sense. There were about 6 of them that made sence then the other 18 were utter gibberish. The essay question was rather easy though. I wrote it in 5 minutes and probably did the best on it. -_- Apparently the teahcer phoned Jeff to tell him he had recieved a good mark. Ever since he told me that I've been paranoid every time the phone rings that it will be my teacher telling me I failed. @_@

On Wednesday I presented my one act in drama. It went fairly well. Everyone's cues were really good and pronounciation was awesome. Only problem was tha tone of our actors didn't show up. >.> we cut a sceen and our director read some of his lines from the sound booth.

And I really hate mayonaise. >.> its like fat in condoment form. It has no appealing flavour to me. I hate it when restraunts put it on bufgers automatically. *twitches*

I think that's all I had to rant somewhat about... in a real blah mood. Shall go choppy things to itty bitty pieces in Diablo II. ^_^

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