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My dice earrings are sending subliminal messages to my brain... I keep flipping my hair like Ryuji subconsciously. Its scary... next I'll be wearing a headband and will be attracted to shiny gold armbands...

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

Or delusional.

Anywho, tomorrow I get to skip school. Hurrah! Though tomorrow is only a half day. Now, let me explain. Tomorrow is grad, so my french teacher wanted peole to help her decorate the Centenial Auditorium for grad. Naturally, I jumped at a chance to skip school. (hey, over three years I've missed a grand total of three days...) Basically, my friend Sarah's picking me up at 8:30 am tomorrow, we go down and decorate for a couple hours then we get to shop until 2:00 at which we have to be back at the Centenial. She then plays in the band and I hand out programmes. So it shall be a great day. Providing it doesn't snow on us.

weirdest thing happened in drama today. Mike was goofing off by moving in slow motion. So I was tlalking to Stef and Julia when all of a suden Julia squeeks "Taryn!" (well, she used my real name... but many of you don't know that) and Mike comes from behind and hugs me. I was like "O.o nice to see you too?" It was just a fun class though... the goofiness all started when Matt came out of the prop room wearing glasses and holding a toy ukilele. He then began to sing to Cassi. Evan stole the toy ukilele and began to pretend he was a rock star. Cassi threw a ball it his crotch then and that sort of ended the guitar playing career momentarily. Then Matt found another toy ukilele and him and Evan did a duet... sort of... at that point Mike was moving in slow motion and chasing Cassi and Julia around the room. Shortly after was the hugging incident. We all practically wet ourselves laughing...

Well, I started watching another new anime, Noir. Its incredibly good so far and the music is amazing. I definitely have to get the soundtrack to it.

Has anyone seen the anime I My Me! Strawberry Eggs? Is it good? What's the rating (ie PG, PG-13)? I want to know if my sisters could watch it. Same with Vampire Princess Myu.

And a final note: why the hell do people spell "tonne" "ton" it just looks... wrong the second way. You Americans confuse me to no end...


Stolen from [ profile] mystike

1.)Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) (Eliminate the asterisks)
3.)See what color you are

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