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Haha... I have no uploading priviledges on ff.n until the 18th. I had a fic removed focibly. (Anger Management if anyone cares). So that pretty much delays any updates I may have in the next week. T_T Oh well. I might actually have Kiss the Inu up soonish. I'm working on it right now actually. I'm so evil to my characters... I sort of feel bad. O.o;;

In better news, got back my math unit 4 exam the other day 76% not stellar, but better than the 50-something I predicted. @_@ Got an %81 on my most recent quiz, so my mark is improving hopefully. ^^

Got addicted to another computer game. Its called "Sacred" sort of a Diablo type game. Not bad either. ^^ I'm playing as a vampire which is amusing to no end. She's a strong fighter with weapons and can transform into her vampire form and atack with claws.

In exciting news, Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs (Season 4 of ReBoot) were released on DVD last week. ^__^ My dad bought them right away! I still have my tapes from the first showing though. I don't think I can get rid of them though, they're too precious. Come on, original premier of ReBoot season 4 on YTV. Nothing has been or ever will be as exciting as that! (well, unless season 5 comes out ^_^)

And more exciting, I have golf lessons now on Friday. ^_^ I started learning a little last year, but didn't really have much formal teaching. So this will be itneresting. I need to work out a scoring system (for things I hit with a ball) with Y-n-Y (yes, the ff.n authoress). We had an informal one last year.


You're Element is Night. You're a loner who is very
creative but never show your work to anyone.
You may smile a little but sadness or
loneliness surround you and other can feel it
when they're near you. You have a dark or
unusual beauty that makes you mysterious and
you probably have a lot of secrets that you've
never told anyone. You're beauty is intriging
and unorthidox but the real thing that makes
you special is your eyes. Something in them
makes them like "Diamonds in the

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
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Date: 2004-05-16 08:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i was wondering if someone could make an icon for me. if so

Image pic one

Image pic two

Image pic three

Image pic four

text:anything that looks cool
font color:pic one:black
pic two:white
pic three:purple
pic four:black
animation: pics fading into eachother as long with the text or "phrase"
special/additional instructions: maybe boarder the words, or really anything you like.
text animation:sparkles
i want the pics in a certain order with certain text.

pic #4-"lonlieness"
pic #2- "you left me here alone"
pic #1-"lost without you"
pic #3-"i would die for you"

i never requested anything so if i did something wrong please tell me.


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