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Well, feeling less sick today. ^_^ But I did burn my finger on a hot penny. This needs a bit of explaining methinks... So in chemistry we were doing a "fun" experiment in which we made pennies look gold. First you soaked the pennies in a solution of heated Zinc and something or other, then you let them dry then you heated them over a Bunsen Burner. I set the penny down to cool when I was done, and thought it was cool but it wasn't. Henc the searing pain on my right index finger and thumb.

Anywho, other than that the day wasn't too terribly exciting.

One thing I have noticed though... I've been duelling awefully for the last couple weeks. ;-; It's so depressing... my little sister beat me a couple times the last time we dueled. I used to beat her in like no time flat.

Argh... was actually going to work at some of the art pieces I owe people, but holding a pen/pencil hurts too much. x_x

Anywho, couple memes. Enjoy?

Name Meme: (since I'm a sheep and it's fun...)

If you call me Taryn, you know me online
If you call me AndrAIa, you know me from tvtome
If you call me An, you're Tealbox from tvtome
If you call me Stefanie, you're my biology teacher, or seventh grade french teacher
If you call me Lindsay, you're obviously mistaken
If you call me Stacey, you know me too well
If you call me Peanut or Little Miss Muffet, you're my grandma or my aunt Donna
If you call me Tracey, you're 50% of the people I know
If you call me Mr. Magoo, you're my aunt Donna
If you call me Smurfette, you're Starkiss
If you call me babe, you're [ profile] dm_san
If you call me Eldarwen, you know me by my old name on Xanga
If you call me Kiddo, you're my online onee-chan Chris.
If you call me Andralla, Andra, Andraai, you're from tvtome.

Part 1
x. name: Taryn
x. birthplace: Royal Victoria Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Earth, The Milky Way galaxy, the universe
x. birthday: July 19, 1987
x. school: high school... EHCI
x. grade: 11
x. piercings: 2
x. tattoos: zip
x. height: 5'3"
x. shoe size: 7-8
x. siblings: two. (both twits... one just fell down the stairs -_-*)

x. movie you rented: Lost in Translation
x. movie you bought: dunno...
x. song you listened to: Nittle Grasper - "Shining Collection"
x. song you had stuck in your head: "Fukai Mori" second ending to Inuyasha
x. song you've downloaded: "Gatsu" instrumental from Berserk.
x. person you've called: my mum
x. person that called you: dad
x. person you talked to online: [ profile] yamiskuribo, Kouchi No Pendoles, Jeff
x. time you dyed your hair: never...
x. tv show you've watched: Beyblade
x. person you were thinking of: [ profile] dm_san I miss you luv ;-;

x. you have a bf or gf: ha ha...
x. you have a crush on someone: sort of... not really. blah
x. you think about suicide: no
x. others find you attractive: I suppose so
x. you know more than one language: Some french... je parl un peut de francais... oui.. ce'st bien non?
x. you want more piercings: maybe
x. you drink: never
x. you steal: cookies from the cookie jar...
x. you do drugs: no
x. you like cleaning: nope
x. you write in cursive or print: print. My writing looks like elvish. ^__^

Choose one:
x. morning/night: Night
x. pool/jacuzzi: jacuzzi
x. sunlight/moonlight: Moonlight (or meatlight XD)
x. blonde/brunette: Brunette

x. fav food: peanut butter
x. color: pretty wide open... greens, reds, purples...
x. number: 19
x. song: too many x_X
x. pop: Coke or Bargs Root Beer
x. movies: The Princess Bride, The Wizard of Oz, LotR movies, The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribean... and many many more
x. bands/singers: Four Star Mary, Cibo Matto, Veruca Salt, Enya
x. holiday: Christmas

x. shampoo do you use: Fruitcits
x. perfume do you use: none...
x. are you scared of: too many things

Part 2

Spell your first name backwards: nyrat (it sounds like a sneer x_X)
Are you a gay: yep. and damn proud ^_^
Where do you live: in a house
Jewelry worn daily: usually a bracelet and earrings...
Blanket: my old purple unicorn comforter... it's soft and warm...
Underwear: yes
Shoes: yes
Handbag: have a purse and backpack... not to fond of carrying either.
Favorite top: don't really have one
Cologne/perfume: none
CD in stereo right now: ehh... Creed "My Own Prison" Though I'm listening to downloaded anime music
What you are wearing now: cream top with leather ties on chest and sleeves, black pants, white socks (out of black -_-*) and Eeyore slippers (feet are cold x_X)
Hair: messy...
Some of your favorite movies: (look above)
What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to: not sure...

Part 3

Siblings: two real ones, and an online onee-chan
Parents married/divorced: married
Who are your closest friends: [ profile] dm_san, Shawna, Teresa, Doris, Chris (my onee-chan), Starkiss
Who makes you laugh the most? Starkiss
Who knows the most about you? Chris or Starkiss

Do you have a job: annoying people... in other words no.
What are you scared of: you really want me to start? ok... confined spaces, birds, bunnies, heights, insects, clowns...
Who's your role model: erm...
Most interesting thing you've done this summer: o.o;; it's not summer... but last summer was meeting neet people online. ^^
What store do you shop at the most: Amazing Stories (comic shop)
Have you ever done any drugs: nope
Do you collect anything: manga, DM cards, dust, used to collect porcelin unicorns, can't think of anything else.

Day of the week: Saturday
Things in your room: Computer, manga, CDs
Cousins: the non evil ones... ie the ones that live in Winnipegs
Ice Cream: anything with peanut butter in it...
Drink: Tropicana Golden Grapefruit juice, hot cocoa, Root Beer, Coke
Thing to do: reading, playing games, watching the idiot box
Favorite pizza topping: green peppers
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: no fricken clue...
Dream house: no clue. ^^U
What age do you want to get married: doesn't matter... have to be in my 20s at least though.
How many kids do you want: not sure... maybe none?
Girl's names: toughie...
Boy's names: Nimrod also another toughie

Been in love? no
Lied? yup
Cheated on a test? no
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
Tied your shoes together? yes... who hasn't? o.o

1st thing you notice about the opposite sex: eyes, personality
What do you look for in the opposite sex: I don't look for much in guys... unless it's just to talk to them. Then I look for similar interests o.o;;

What do you wear to bed: pyjama pants + tee
the last thing you do before you fall asleep: think... o.o;;
Would you rather be hot or cold: hot
What is your curfew: if I'm gonna be later than midnight, ET phone home

What is the best quality of a friend: tolerant
What friend do you have the most fun with: not sure
Name your friends: too many...

What are you addicted to? anime/manga, Japanese music, pokcy, peanut butter, internet
Do you like jewelry? yes ^^U
Do you believe in God? he may exist... but I don't have a religion, no.
what color tooth brush do you use? White and green

Part 4

i am: off
i hear: Bad Luck - "Super Drive"
i regret: picking up that penny -_-*
i love: anime/manga, pocky, peanut butter, my compy (most days) [ profile] dm_san
i dance: I hate dance...
i sing: when it catches my fancy
i cry: when I watch/read something depressing...

{{yes or no..}}

you keep a diary: have a traditional one. Have LJ, Diaryland, Xanga, and crazylife
you like to cook: nooooo Cooking + me = burnt things
you believe in love: I suppose


the weirdest person you know: other than me? Starkiss
the loudest person you know: Judith
the sexiest person you know: hmm...

{{do you..}}

have any crushes: not really
want to get married: maybe
get motion sickness: yea
like thunderstorms: not really


number: 19
colour: greens, reds, purples
month: July
food: peanut butter
season: summer


chocolate milk or hot chocolate: hot chocolate
milk, dark, white chocolate: dark

{{in the last 24 hours have you..}}

cried: not that I can think of.
helped someone: probably
bought something: no
gotten sick: fell kind of sick
gone to the movies: no
gone out for dinner: no
written a real letter: no
talked to an ex: no
missed an ex: no
written in a journal: yup

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