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Feb. 24th, 2004 12:06 am
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Anywho, I had a good week off last week... didn't really do much, but that's the beauty of it. ^__^

Today was a good day though. Started off I was in the school library and I happened to come accross a manga. o.o;; it was the first vol of MARS It was really good. ^__^ The librarian apparently noticed that manga were becoming increasingly popular so she decided to buy some. ^____^

Anywho, nothing really interesting happened until lunch. So I was sitting and talking with Shawna Jeff and Alyssa.




THat's how we were sitting at the table. (S= Shawna, J=Jeff, A=Alyssa and T=me). So Suddenly Jeff starts leaning really close to shawna. His arm is practically touching hers. I'm sitting there trying NOT to laugh, then Shawna turns to Jeff ans says "Could you please not lean on me? I'd like some space you know." So he moves over a bit... then a few minutes later he starts leaning towards her again. She just looked so surprised... and maybe a teensy bit horrified. XDDDD

And I have a couple stories from Shawna that she heard from Simone... first one was that Jeff doesn't like me and instead likes some other girl, but she can't remember who it was. (YAY!). And the second was that this guy Kelly (my sort of friend Danielle's twin brother) is gay. o.o;; apparently he sent Simone an e-mail telling her how he likes this guy and wants to get him in bed. And then Shawna pointed out that Kelly and Shane (Shane is a guy we've suspected isn't straight for a LONG time) are always together. *sigh* I REALLY need a yaoi fan friend at school ;-; I feel all lonely with my ecchi yaoi thoughts...

Anywho, 4th and 5th weren't that exciting. So when I gto home, since it was really nice out, I forced my sisters into making a snowman with me. ^_^ That was fun. My pants were soaked to the knees and I could wring water out of my socks. XD

After that I just watched tv... saw the end of the Saskatchewan vs Ontario match at the Scott Tournament of Hearts (Canadian women's national tournament). ^_^ Saskatchewan won 8-4! The last end was fricken awesome! Ontario missed a double and Sakatchewan stole 2 points. ^_^

So that was my day pretty much... ^^

I also have to tell you about this strange dream I had the other day... it started offf that I was on the second story of a mall and I'm walking along and then a gang of guys (about 5 of them) start making cat calls at me while I'm headed towards the escalator. Then Yuugi (from Yu-Gi-Oh) comes up behind me. I reach for his arm to stop him from dealing with the morons, but I miss and acidentally grope his butt. o.o;; Not that I've ever felt a guy's butt, but damn did it feel feminine to me. Anywho, Yuugi goes up to the goons, one of which was eating a hamburger. He takes the hamburger and drops it over the railing and it falls to the first story. Then he grabs me by the arm and starts dragging me down the mall. Out of the blue he starts talking about green houses and aviaries, then I call him my Jedi Master. At that point I woke up... o.o;;;;

Yes... I have VERY weird dreams.

Well, tis late now, so I shall go off. But have good days everyone. ^__^


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