Jul. 11th, 2004

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Aaa... sunburn. x_X I was out golfing thismorning on a course (par 3). First time I was out on a course. And I didn't wear sunblock. Owwwwwww... Well, I'll feel the damage tomorrow when my skin starts peeling. x_x Hmm, my game was... alright. I think I got 3 on one hole... well 4 because I lost my ball in the bush. I only lost one ball though. And we found about five. My sister had to hit over this little ditch that was about half a metre wide and had water at the bottom. She was like a metre from the ditch and she hit it in the water. XD

Arg, tis thunder storming now... technically I should have my computer turned off... Bah, who cares about power surges? >.>;;

Actually, right now I should be out renewing my driver's lisence... >.>;; dad's addicted to the computer though. Playing some Eidos game. I think it called Eden. The sound effects remind me of the Matrix and the Alien movies. O.o;; Kinda creeping me out.

Ooo, very amusing yet disturbing story. Don't read if you want to be able to use a straw again. Instead of retyping it, I'll just post in an IM convo I had with porkchop last night about it.

animeandraia: oh god, I just had a very disturbing conversation about straws when I was Judith and Shawna in Burger King tonight
animeandraia: how pulling a straw in and out of the hole in the lid of the cup is like sex...
assylum_escapee626: o_O;;;
animeandraia: and now sucking on a straw was like...
assylum_escapee626: oh my god~
animeandraia: and then you take the straw out of the cup and it drips
animeandraia: I may never be able to use a straw again
assylum_escapee626: oh that's gross!
assylum_escapee626: me neither
animeandraia: lmao
assylum_escapee626: lmao?
animeandraia: just thinking back to it all
animeandraia: its ok though, I can't eat bananas now either
assylum_escapee626: I never liked those
animeandraia: after all the perverted discussions Shawna and Judith have had about those I can't look at them the same
animeandraia: then again, I can't look at apples and oranges the same either
assylum_escapee626: yes
assylum_escapee626: you know what?
animeandraia (10:55:18 PM): what?
assylum_escapee626: I think they ish horny *nods*
animeandraia: they have serious problems, yes

Ahh, the apple and orange thing goes back to grade nine where Danielle had them having... intercourse... my friends are all perverted. -_-*

And on another note, if you're ever talking to me and you say "straw" then I start laughing, don't worry. I was doing that last night. Every time porkchop said "straw" I burst into a fit of laughter. -_- twas very cruel...


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