Apr. 1st, 2004

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Well, feeling less sick today. ^_^ But I did burn my finger on a hot penny. This needs a bit of explaining methinks... So in chemistry we were doing a "fun" experiment in which we made pennies look gold. First you soaked the pennies in a solution of heated Zinc and something or other, then you let them dry then you heated them over a Bunsen Burner. I set the penny down to cool when I was done, and thought it was cool but it wasn't. Henc the searing pain on my right index finger and thumb.

Anywho, other than that the day wasn't too terribly exciting.

One thing I have noticed though... I've been duelling awefully for the last couple weeks. ;-; It's so depressing... my little sister beat me a couple times the last time we dueled. I used to beat her in like no time flat.

Argh... was actually going to work at some of the art pieces I owe people, but holding a pen/pencil hurts too much. x_x

Anywho, couple memes. Enjoy?

Name Meme: (since I'm a sheep and it's fun...)

If you call me Taryn, you know me online
If you call me AndrAIa, you know me from tvtome
If you call me An, you're Tealbox from tvtome
If you call me Stefanie, you're my biology teacher, or seventh grade french teacher
If you call me Lindsay, you're obviously mistaken
If you call me Stacey, you know me too well
If you call me Peanut or Little Miss Muffet, you're my grandma or my aunt Donna
If you call me Tracey, you're 50% of the people I know
If you call me Mr. Magoo, you're my aunt Donna
If you call me Smurfette, you're Starkiss
If you call me babe, you're [livejournal.com profile] dm_san
If you call me Eldarwen, you know me by my old name on Xanga
If you call me Kiddo, you're my online onee-chan Chris.
If you call me Andralla, Andra, Andraai, you're from tvtome.

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