Mar. 21st, 2004

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Konnichi wa! How is everyone?

Meh, not much has happened with me. Mostly homework. >.>

Did go to my aunt's wedding shower today though. Was... interesting. It was at my great Aunt's house (yes, the crazy one that gives me socks for Haloween). And the basement was so cold and dark. O.o like the lair of some sinister being... Anywho, I had a lot of cake and nothing really interesting (or tragic) happened.

I was asked to do the Bridal speach at the wedding though. O.o I'm supposed to ask my mum and uncle for help. I'm going to try to embarass her so bad. ~_~ She always tells stories about what I said when I was little... Yeah, those embarrasing stories that you never want anyone to hear. *sigh*

On another note, I finally got my ID for DeviantArt done. ^-^ I'm not a Smurf It's an interesting story behind the title... Yes, I am also aware that there are many errors with it. But I really don't care.

*pokes* [ profile] dm_san she won my 500 hit on DA, but won't tell me what she wants. x_x


Well, I watched a couple movies in the last two days. Secondhand Lions and Lost in Translation I liked Secondhand Lions better. ^^ It was cute and very funny. I loved the uncles. Especially when they shot at the sales people. Lost In Translation was alright too. I loved when he was on the Japanese tv show the best. ^_^ The host guy was hillariuos! Of course, I couldn't understand any of the Japanese in the movie (besides a couple words). But overall, they were both not bad movies.

Well... maybe I should finish up some more homework and then go to bed. So tired... x_x I feel like I've gotten no sleep this whole weekend. Its not fair. ;-;


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