Mar. 14th, 2004

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Had a good week... Went to the Brier (Canadian men's curling championships) on Saturday to work, and stayed there for 15 hours. @_@

Was at the Brier on Wednesday, Thursday and today. ^_^

Wednesday just watched the game.

Thursday got to walk around with Brier Bear (the mascot) so if you saw a brown haired girl wearing a navy buny hug following around Brier Bear on the evening draw on Thursday, that was me. ^_^

Today I was selling programmes. And yelling loud enough to rival Russ Howard. Russ is the skip for New Brunswick that's famous for yelling himself hoarse by the end of the game. ^^

And tomorrow I'm going to be at the finals. Alberta vs New Brunswick. ^_^ Cheering for Alberta. ^^;;

Anywho, onto non curling stuff. I'm workingon an ID for DA... won't say much, but it's an elf. Chris, I got a vague outline to your pic... x_x not working too well though. But I will get it done!

Read vol 1 of Revolutionary Girl Utena. It's pretty good so far. ^_^ Must find vol 2... found 'em at the library. ^_^

I changed the pic and colour on the side bar a couple days ago... methinks it looks better, ne? ^_^ Such a pretty Fruits Basket pic...

And on a final note, pocky is really really good. ^__^ I tried some tonight... forced my mum to buy some at London Drugs. ^^U *drool* must go steal more pockey from the box in the kitchen.

*slinks off*


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