Feb. 3rd, 2004

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Whoo, long time no torment ^^U

I guess I've just been a bit busy. Working on school work and other stuff... yes I have started a new semester. My classes are: English 20 enriched, drama 20, history 20, chemistry 20, Math B 30. (20 level classes are grade 11 and 30 level are grade 12. Math B 30 means I'm doing the second of 3 grade 12 math courses). Teachers seem alright so far. Wel... the new ones anyways. My history teacher's a real dipswitch. He's super nice, but his class is soooooooo boring. x_X

My drama teacher's a bit too leniant. I'll just give you a breif description of what's happened ot make me say so. Wednesday we were playing this game called "The World's Worst." in which somebody gives a category of "the world's worst" whatever, then somebody acts it out. (sort of like Scenes From a Hat from Whose Line is it Anyways?). so somebody said "world's worst doctor." Then the perversion began. after a few people made comments that hinted at looking at genitals, one girl goes up and says "dead bodies can't scream rape." I was like "O.o;;;;;" my friend who was sitting beside me looked thuroughly disgusted. Then later someone said "world's worst airplane pilot" there were a bunch of cock jokes then a whole bunch about getting high.

Another incident was when we were doing an introduction game. We'd tell a partner about ourselves then our partner would tell the class about us. So 2 boys go up and one of them is talking away and out of the blue he goes "Tyler's favourite sexual position is" at that point I nearly passed out from shock. (and no, I can't remember his favourite sexual position -_-* so dun ask). Some people then went on to proclaim that their favourite beverage was beer -_-* at that point my teacher did say "School appropriate" Psht, tha's not going to stop them. Well, maybe this will make for an interesting class. *shrugs*

Anywho. I got my report card Friday. (*&^%(*^%)*!$^$%&(#)%^(&*$#) wasn't really good... I passed everything. But I got some real shitty grades. -_-* my biology dropped 8% from midterms. Physics dropped too x_X but math french and creative writing did go up. But not substantially. *sigh* ;-; I'm not going to make honour roll this year! It's so depressing. And I really did try my hardest in physics. I just didn't fucking get it, and my teacher didn't help worth a damn.

Well, there is some good news, I got some more art on deviantart. so go check it out.


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