Jan. 3rd, 2004

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Gyah, it's like -30 C outside. O.o explains why my room's frigid. *absolutely frozen*

Anywho, I was drawing while watching Inuyasha last night and then was struck with the idea to draw an elf... so I drew Gallin, one of the characters from a story I'm working on right now. So go check out his awesomenss here

Anywho, new years eve was great. We had it at my house. So some of my mum's side of the family was over. (her 2 sisters and their husband/fiance, my grandparents and her brother and his wife) So we were playing pictionary until midnight... Somehow that wasn't the greatest thing for my grandmum. She didn't know what a tug boat was... so she drew a motor boat! And then she had the word global. So she drew a globe and we're trying to figure it out and then she drew a bell. o.o;; it was supposed to be a sound like thing... bell global... yah, that was kinda weird.

But otherwise we had a pretty normal new year. ^_^

I don't really make new years resolutions because I never remember them. But something HAS to be done about Rother. I think I'll resolve to get him to fucking piss off. Even if it means braking his nose. I swear, if he tries to kiss me, I WILL do that. ~_~ You know what he asked me the other day? "what would you name your first child?" and I asked him why the hell he asked me that and he was like "well, I wanted ot know if you ever wanted ot have children." If that doesn't creep you out, then I dunno what will. I swear the boy has brain damage. What the hell atracts the weirdos to me? Why can't they take no for an answer?

I also finished watching the first season of Fushigi Yugi. ^_^ It gets better and better as the season goes on! I absolutely love the Tamahome/Miaka pairing. There's just something about them...

Well, gonna go play pointless computer game (Dungeon Seige Legends of Aranna) So have a great new year everyone! ^_^



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