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Hmm, I thought it was high time to update this sucker. I go through phases of obsessive blogging, then I go a copule months with postling like twice. I'm in the latter currently. Sort of like my fic reading habits. I've been reading a lot more fics lately...

Which brings me to something important. My Yu-Gi-Oh obsession has pretty much died. I'll still finish off Kiss the Inu and Under Your Spell, but I'm not starting any new projects. No, now I'm focusing on Beyblade. XD Currently reading a Kai/Rei/Lee fic. Mmm, very well written too. Err... that's beside the point. I still love Yu-Gi-Oh, its what brought me back into the world of anime, but I'm no longer obsessed.

Anywho, I actually updated Kiss the Inu. So go read Chapter 5: All the Marbles on ff.n and on AFF. I hope Sakata will be amused to see that I used one of her suggestions. And I've hit 50 reviews. XD Though a lot of them are unintelligible babble. ~_~ whatever happened to putting usefull comments in a review? I threatened my reviewers to Several Blows to the Head and minus one review for Chapter 3, they were all really good and helpful. ^^ *sigh* it was so wonderful...

Oh yes, I saw Harry Potter a couple weeks back. Not what I was expecting. I really hope they get a different director for the next movie. This one did sooooo many strange things. What the hell happened to wearing school robes. And what was up with Lupin? That was NOT how I pictured him. Though Sirius was pretty close. And another thing, what was up with Hermione's pink bunny hug (aka, Kangaroo jacket, hoodie, sweater with hood...)? By the way, what do you guys call those hodded sweaters? I called it a bunny hug while talking to porkchop and she was like "what the hell are you talking about?" Then again... I'm not sure if I even want to know what you Americans think. No offense, but you don't even know what a toque is. O.o

Starting on the 12th, and going for 2 weeks I'll have drama camp from Monday-Firiday 9 am to 4 pm. So that'll cut down on my computer time a lot. Don't expect a lot of updates from me durring that week. I'm going to try to get some fics up on my birthday though. ^_^ Which is July 19 by the way. *hint, hint. Nudge, nudge*

And on a final note, my scanner's still out for the count. x_X that means I won't have art up for a while yet... I'm trying my hand at drawing solely with a mouse in Photohsop. Let me say, its a very interesting experience. And that Kai's hair is a real pain in the arse. Actually, drawing any hair in photoshp is a pain in the arse... Stupid hair. *headdesk*



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Haha... that part about attracting both sexes is very true... Oh, another amusing story. I shared pictures with an online male friend last night. He said "You're beautiful, gorgeous. Like a rose. Beautiful, yet deadly." I also threatened him... "If you come onto me, I'll be foreced to hurt you."
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