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Well, I recovered from that emotional breakdown (go see previous post).

Anywho, I'm now done school! Hurrah! Though I got my report card yesterday... I got a 64% on my math final... x_X that dropped my mark to a 71% Bloody hell. Though my other marks were ok. drama: 83; chemistry: 81; english:81 and history: 81. Not my best, but not my worst either.

Today was an interesting day. It was my friend's birthday so we went down to this beach. The way there was probably the most interesting. First, I was supposed to be picked up around 1:00 but my freind didn't show up until 1:20. Then we picked up Shawna with no problem. We had to go get gas next. That did not go well at all. Tracy kept saying we should go to the Macs but the driver, Simone, got stuck in the parking lot so we wound up going to a Fas Gas. Then when we were driving by the Western Development Museum Simone swerved to miss a golpher. -_- bloody hell, you don't swerve to miss a golpher! If there had been a car there we would have nailed them so bad. So we wound up getting to the beach at 2:05. Then when we were there we just had a good time. Somebody lost Tracy's new frisbee that she got from Krystin earlier that morning.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. XD Can't wait. Wanted to see it for a while. But there are other movies I'm waiting to see more. Like Spiderman 2! Comes out on the 30th! Come on! Doc Oc! Though I never liked him as much as Venom... though I heard a rumour that they're not going to use Venom in any of the movies. Drat. Maybe Mainframe will put him in the animated series. Ooo, I bet this means that next fall there will be another season of the cartoon.

Ooo! I was just on Mainframe's website and they're doing a new animated Inspector Gadget show! Nice ^_^ Though that's not nearly as exciting as a new ReBoot season. >.> more ReBoot would be amazing. ;-; was a horrible place to leave things.

Arg, I forced some people on Ty Kamara to read my KaiRei fic and now they're making me read a TyKa fic. x_X TyKa's a fine and dandy pairing, but I think of it like Seto/Yanie. I don't hate the pairing, but I don't really read it either. I should learn to not say things. -_-


Seto and Jounouchi
Puppyshipping -
Congratulations, you're the pair
that's got more in common than you think. No,
you will not admit to liking being called a dog
no more than your partner will admit to getting
a thrill from watching you get angry from his
purposful provoking. The fights are intense,
but so is the action in the bedroom.

Which Yugioh Yaoi Ship are You
brought to you by Quizilla
^_^ my second fav YGO pairing. Seto/Ryuji being the first. This quiz was done by [ profile] sakata
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